Roots-rock storytelling from the wilds of northern Alberta. Campfire punk ballads for the working class and heavy blues jams that hit hard. The Jackpines are a five-piece folk/rock band that formed in the spring of 2016 north of nowhere on the shores of Slave Lake, Alberta. Being well received at campfires, sidewalks, and the dark corners of dingy rooms across Alberta inspired them to seek out larger stages where they can stomp and shout their stories. In the summer of 2019 they hit the road on their first regional tour and landed there first festival Astral Harvest. Together, the guitar and harmonica forge a unique sound blending catchy acoustic rhythms with distorted harp leads to create a blues-fueled, foot stomping, fist raising, folk & rock fusion they like to call the 'Boreal Blues'. Front-men Thompson and McWilliams alternate their vocal roles, layering bluesy growls with punk rock shouts. This dynamic adds range and depth to an already eclectic sound. 

   The Jackpines are an old soul with a kind heart and a punk rock attitude, constantly pushing their roots into new territory. They’ve built this endeavor from the ground up forgoing outside help in favour of learning to DIY every aspect. Writing/recording songs, promoting shows, printing t-shirts, and their debut EP 'Wood Rock’ is an attempt to remain focused on that original vision. Staying true to their folk roots, recording their first record has been a test of their DIY work ethic. The album showcases four of their best original songs. 

   Set lists that start out soft can quickly become dark and heavy. Live shows are full of exciting style transitions as songs that were written as folk pieces are performed with high energy punk stage presence. Musical influences range widely and can be drawn from the likes of Black Sabbath, Bruce Springsteen, The Misfits, Tom Waits and even Bob Dylan.  As well as inspiration from modern acts such as Frank Turner, Clutch, William Elliot Whitmore, Red City Radio, Brian Falon, The Menzingers and countless others.






Tyler Thompson
phone: 403-360-2672